Asset Acquisition

It takes a strong fleet to support the day-to-day needs of a thriving business. When the time comes to purchase new equipment, you want an ally who knows every vehicle counts. At FSS, our customers always get the right vehicle, for the right job, at the lowest cost. Negotiating directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we know the market inside and out—and we have the resources to help you navigate it.

FSS acquisitions services do more than simply finding vehicles at factory prices—we help businesses solve problems long before they occur. Our systems allow us to place orders early, track manufacturing, deliveries, and stay informed of factory start-up dates and cut-offs. Timing is everything, and poor preparation often results in costly downtime as workers wait for replacements to arrive. And because lifecycle planning has such a significant impact on resale value, we also help fleet owners choose vehicles with slower, better depreciation rates in the first place.

Benefits with FSS

Title and Registration

Finding the right vehicle for the right price isn’t always easy; and having to juggle the details of numerous different compliance requirements doesn’t make it any easier. For every new vehicle acquisition, we’ll take care of the titling, plates, and registration process for you. We even help to review and update your insurance policy and distribute insurance packet forms in case of an accident.

The penalties for missing a registration renewal or inspections deadline often include expensive fines and avoidable downtime, not to mention the extra administrative stress. Errors of this type are much more common than people might think—especially in multi-state fleet operations. In addition to handling regulatory requirements for all new acquisitions, we’ll provide automated compliance services and reminders to cover your entire vehicle inventory.