Empowering Fleet Management With Reporting

No matter how large or small your company is or how many vehicles it maintains, investing in a fleet management service can shave hours off your workweek. It takes particular insight and expertise to successfully run a large or expanding fleet. But even small operations require preparation and scheduling, inventory and performance reporting, data entry, and lots of other tasks both tedious and time-consuming.

At FSS, we manage the administrative work for you. Our reporting is designed to process tremendous quantities of data and provide you with a concise summary of the information you need. Relying on data-driven decision making, we can help your company organize day-to-day fleet operations, manage equipment and parts inventories, and establish protocol for solving any variety of problem that may arise. Furthermore, we also provide maintenance and expense reporting to track vehicle lifecycle cost, efficiency of output, depreciation, mileage, recurring repairs—all of which is crucial information for strategizing future resales and replacements.

Inventory Management

Generating a comprehensive list of your assets is only the beginning of what our sophisticated approach to inventory management can do. We rely on state-of-the-art data reporting to track vehicle mileage, parts warranties, and develop better strategies for leasing and replacements. Additionally, by monitoring how long and how often each vehicle is utilized, we can help even out any usage-based depreciation throughout your fleet. Our goal is to improve the overall composition of your fleet—and ultimately, help you get everything your investment is worth.

We understand why the number-one customer concern is cost. But by helping your company conserve fuel and other finite energies, providing comprehensive liability protection, and performing routine maintenance services, FSS can help you to actually save money.

Inventory Management


While individual results may vary, effective inventory management has helped many businesses reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 15%.

Auto-Maintenance Reporting


On average, fleet maintenance and inspections services reduce maintenance costs by at least 10% and up to 20%. We report on 100% of all our fleet services to the client.

Performance Analytics


When fleets owners keep up with oil changes and replacing worn-out parts they typically see anywhere from a 4% to 10% increase in gas mileage.

Reduce Overhead Expenses


Simply maintaining the recommended tire pressure has been known to reduce fuel expenses by nearly 15%!

Auto-Maintenance Reporting

Stop worrying about overdue maintenance services and let FSS keep track of everything for you. With each oil change, filter replacement, and tire rotation, we perform regular inspections proven to prevent breakdowns and minimize the need for costly repairs. Not only can we detect and isolate problems within your vehicle, we can also pinpoint the root of each problem whether it be irregular wear and tear, harsh driving, or simply the vehicle’s intended application or flaw in its design.

Performance Analytics

FSS performance reporting can decrease your company’s operating costs while increasing its overall efficiency. For example, using GPS analytics to track and compare your fleet’s daily performances, we’re able to calculate arrival windows with greater accuracy, prevent delays due to traffic, and improve delivery routes to expand the number of customers your fleet can serve in a day. We also use engine diagnostics and vehicle activity censors to boost MPG, potentially saving your company anywhere from 8% to 12% in monthly fuel costs.

Expense Reporting

Managing expenditures for any type of company is as important as it can be complicated. But when taking into account the complexities of a fleet operation, this task becomes even trickier. Our detailed expense reporting is designed to help your business stay on budget and save money.  For example, by keeping track of every penny your business spends on parts and repairs, upfitting, and refueling, we can help reduce your fleet’s overall lifecycle costs. We even provide accounting services to assist with payroll and tax reporting.

Find Out Why We Are The Fleet Management Professionals

With Fleet Service Solutions, vehicles stay on the road and safety is never compromised. One of the most important responsibilities of fleet management is ensuring that every automotive and piece of equipment is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) compliant. Let us help protect your business from regulatory violation fines and other related liabilities.

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Minimize Your Liability

In addition to saving customers time and money, our services significantly reduce fleet ownership liabilities. Fleet accidents caused by employee-drivers typically involve violation fines, costly downtime, increased insurance premiums—or worse, if the accident resulted in property damage or injury, employer liabilities average a little over $70,000. FSS data reporting minimizes these risks by helping companies enforce their safety policies with driver-behavior monitoring and real-time vehicle location tracking.

Vehicle breakdowns have a direct impact on driver safety and can be a serious liability for fleet owners. But with FSS, these risks are greatly minimized because your vehicles are kept in peak condition. In fact, our services relieve fleet owners of nearly all repairs and maintenance liabilities.

Maximize Your Resale Value

Drawing on fleet management best practices, we’ll strategize how to maximize the resale value of your entire inventory from the moment our reporting and assessments begin. The first step is learning everything there is to know about your fleet, which is why we use only the most comprehensive data systems to research every vehicle identification number (VIN). And while a vehicle’s specs can be easily obtained by any novice, it takes someone who has years of experience interpreting that information to know what to do with it.

Our complete specs reporting is the key to taking the greatest possible care of your fleet. This information allows us to calculate lifecycle costs, depreciation rates, and the average remarketing value of any vehicle. We are also better able to anticipate and prevent potential maintenance issues, and ensure our customers are making the most out of every vehicle warranty.